ZHU – Palm of My Hand

“Palm Of My Hand” taken from ZHU’s debut album GENERATIONWHY is available now.

10/12 Shrine LA, Tickets On-sale Now: http://bit.ly/2bWWiT9

Stream it on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/StreamGenerationWhy
Get it on Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/GENERATIONWHYdl
Get it on Amazon Music: http://smarturl.it/GENERATIONWHYama
Get the Vinyl: http://smarturl.it/ZHUGENWHY


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  1. if im wrong im sorry but i think this is what the french girl is saying at the end : I think I'm going to dream an impossible dream I think it will not work, but … I believed it anyway I see myself, I return your eyes … I see your mouth again … J I'm wondering if you also think about it I wonder if you too … You see me again, when you close your eyes and when you dream It's an impossible dream You had me In the palm of your hand, all you had to do was tell me to stay But you're gone, and you came back And then you left, and then you came back Again and again … And every time it's the same (sigh) All you had to do was tell me to stay And I would have stayed, I would have stayed forever … Always with you Then why you're gone? Why did you leave me? It's gonna slip out of our fingers and one day or another anyway … All this will stop

  2. Lyrics :
    Je revois, je revois tes yeux, je revois ta bouche ; je revois tes cheveux, ton visage. Tu me revois quand tu fermes les yeux et quand tu rêves. C'est un rêve impossible. Tu m'avais dans la paume de ta main tout ce que tu avais à faire c'est me dire de rester. Pourquoi tu es parti, pourquoi tu m'as laissée? Trad:
    I see again, I see your eyes again, I see your mouth again; I see your hair, your face. You see me when you close your eyes and when you dream. It is an impossible dream. You had in the palm of your hand all you had to do is tell me to stay. Why did you leave, why did you leave me?

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