Building The Intercooler For Our 2JZ “Promod” Civic!


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49 thoughts on “Building The Intercooler For Our 2JZ “Promod” Civic!

  1. This one goes out to Wyatt, the master fabricator!!!

    As in your method vs Kyle's, would the plate Kyle's method still retain it's memory to be flat? As he didn't heat his own, would the metal want to "spring" back to it's previous flat state, and be under constant pressure? If I'm talking rubbish, please roast me. (but not too harshly)

  2. I think the second end tank was done a lot better. It seems like with the first one by bending and welding you're potentially storing energy in the metal. Makes sense to fully bend it THEN weld it.

  3. Damn Kyle this is some bullshit bro. For the last 2 years you been slacking with content. Nah bro get your shit together. This my favourite channel. Fucking hell

    And what I mean is….POST MORE VIDEOS BRO DAMN.

  4. The next video will be 18 minutes long, and it will be about the advantages of a swap cooler in humid places vs a traditional wall mounted ac

  5. I wonder when we are going to get a update again.

    Will there be one fully built engine or two or more?

    Can anyone remind when is the next event?

    Anyone know how many HP the 2.4 engine with turbo will make?

  6. Fusion 360 is a great piece of software I’ve been using it for the past 7 years. All you guys need now is a 3D printer I’m sure you’ll find many uses for one

  7. In case it hasn't been mentioned already, using brake cleaner for weld metal prep can be dangerous. Some contain chemicals that are very toxic when heated and even after it has dried. Be safe, Get some acetone.

  8. As a fabrication student who just started TIG welding aluminum last week, this video was dope af and extremely satisfying to watch! Keep kicking ass guys! 💪

  9. Just a thought I think your intercooler could be more efficient, will it work yes but could it be better yes, you're going to have turbulence on the out, the air will naturally hit the flat spots on the sides

  10. Put a little bit of space between the coolers!
    If you put the two different cores directly against each other, alot of internal channels will block of the external channels from the other core! Also you will get a little extra airflow through the stack because you can utilize the extra area from the water cooler!
    I also would suggest using open fans instead of the shrouded ones, most HP will happen when your car go's quiet fast, then those elektric fans and especially the shrouds are more of a restriktion then anything else!
    Those fully shrouded coolers are for vehicle that can't rely on headwind. Everything moving faster then 50 km/h
    Gets way more air true a cooler then a fan ever could, even with a partiality blocking bumper.
    Better intercooling = more power! 😁

  11. Whatever you pay Wyatt he's worth every penny of it. If you factor in his age and figure he'll only sharpen his skills, it makes you realize that he's one of the best at his age now and I believe has the potential to be in elite company with some of the beat car builders out there down the road from now!

  12. Fk that cut a hole in the hood to see that beautiful intercooler tube I doubt duck tape wouldn’t hold to keep the hood from flying up but who even needs a hood would say cleetus😂

  13. Why didn't he use sheet metal mode? where it cuts it app in one piece basically and you fold it together and weld the ends.

    I have the same plasma table.

  14. Brother! I can’t wait until Dyno day. The count down begins. I’m guessing way early 1st dyno pull. ANY GUESSES???

    My guess 12 lbs of boost at 612 HP on first pull. It is a 2J..🙏🏻
    588 foot lbs or torque.

  15. Love me a good intercooler build series. Wish you took your time to show it all! Could easily make 3 great videos out of this.

  16. You did all the double welding on the intercooler and the piping rings you only single welded kinda of a weird move you should’ve double welded them and then welded everything to the intercooler would’ve made more sense

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