Holley Super Sniper EFI Unboxing

As the title states, this video is an unboxing of Holley’s Super Sniper EFI system (650hp). I also talk about some of the difficulties I had installing the fuel injection system and I offer solutions as to how to solve those difficulties.

I also cover the other parts you might need when installing one of these systems on your engine.

So if you’re considering purchasing one of these systems for your vehicle, check out this video to find out what you might be into.

Camera: Brian Kast, Eric Cook

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Thanks for watching!

Installation Instructions PDF: https://documents.holley.com/199r11488r.pdf


Super Sniper EFI (650hp)(shiny): https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sne-550-510k?cm_mmc=social-_-ETCG-_-snipierEFI-2019-04

Throttle Bracket: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/lok-xtcb-40hs

My Fuel PSI Regulator: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/aei-13301

My Fuel Pump: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/hly-12-890

HyperSpark CD Box: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sne-556-151

HyperSpark Distributor (Ford Small Block): https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sne-565-301/overview/make/ford

HyperSpark Coil: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sne-556-152

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42 thoughts on “Holley Super Sniper EFI Unboxing

  1. Well, more often that not, you have to make linkage brackets or buy them. I'm over doing that, and have been for years, and Brina from Lokar is always very helpful. You might pay a bit, but I've yet to receive a box from them that did not contain a lot of "in case of" extra items I did not actually pay for.
    As far as the carb hat goes? They can be hit and miss, so that is what it is. Lastly, the stud that holds on your hat? Well, that's what you get for running a Demon, and not a Holley. If you had a Holley carb, it would have been the same size. Just take a tap and cut the bottom part of the rod down so that it fits with the TB. Then you will keep it snug with the hat. Easy.

  2. I'm looking at the Super Sniper also. 347 Stroker, Weiand 174 blower. I'm looking at the Holley OEM style fuel tank module 12-305 (on board efi pump with pressure regulator, returnless.)
    Would you know if this fuel module is boost compatible with the Super Sniper (no boost/vacuum port?)

  3. Very interesting stuff, getting stuff together for my next project, a 1998 Ford Mustang GT that I am swapping out the 4.6 2v for a Ford Performance A460 block based 460 punched out to 598 cubes, might consider the Holley EFI for my build.

  4. I bought the 550-511 kit and I'm running boost but the directions dont have that option, it just says none and nitrous, do I have to update the firmware or when I set up the wizard can I just click on the super sniper? Can someone please help? Thanks

  5. Finally found the video series again. I have also bought a sniper EFI kit and did some serious digging and found a throttle bracket that works. I’ve already done test fits and verified that it causes no interference at all. It’s a summit racing branded part part number 210241. And for coolness it is offered in various colors. But otherwise it is just like the first bracket you showed in the video. But bigger so that it clears the sniper.

  6. I bought the sniper 1250 hp for blow through Kit Installed it on my 363 Pro charged stroker and I had nothing but problems for a month finally took it off and Holly gave me back my money but I lost on that deal My buddy wasn’t so lucky it wash the rings out of his car and they would not refund his money!!

  7. They made a third version of this. It is a two barrel version to replace carter bbd carbs on 80s jeeps and stuff. The carter bbd is the worst carburetor ever built, and the sniper efi replacement for it sounds very appealing. As much as I love my straight six, the cost of a completed project with sniper efi, and swapping in a 4.8 is about the same. I'm torn.

  8. Eric the (guy that sales stuff and really doesnt do anything other than sale parts and tools and really doesnt know enough about any of his actions enough to enough know what to say about those parts and tools and is instructed by those) Car Guy. I wont unsubscribe again cuz… this guy is kind of funny to watch half the time. (I am not pwrfect… but…. ive watched his vids….and dont plan on taking too many notes…. too much in a GM Transsion makes foamy trans fluid… "So What!…. " type shit….

  9. Hell yeah I was wondering when you where going digital, for tuning and boost control purpose… boost by gear!?!?!? maybe👍..drill tap for hat

  10. Can't wait for the setup video! Just one question, though! Why not mount a "proper" MPI EFI system? I mean this looks like a glorified SPI kit. Sure, it's bolt on, but wouldn't it cost about the same to mount a full MPI system with injectors near the intake valves, not the top of the manifold?

  11. mega squirt would'a been more intresting. seeing how eric the car guy's brain function's after 4 hours of study of pinouts/ wire harness's. this thing dose look plug and play. you once again have peaked my curiosity.

  12. I'm seriously looking forward to your install of this setup on the Fairmont as well as your overall opinions post install. I've been looking at doing FI on my SBC in my K5 Blazer, and have been on the fence because I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on these aftermarket TBI setups.

  13. Eric, Holley said they no longer supply the EFI mounting studs, air cleaner studs, Fuel block off plate, throttle hook up linkage, electrical connectors and zip ties. Also they don't put steel braided fuel line on the EFI like they use to.

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