How To Check Automatic Transmission Fluid

This is a fan requested video that I wish I’d have thought of years ago. If you’re having trouble finding the transmission dipstick on your vehicle, or if you’re just not sure what to look for when checking your automatic transmission fluid, this video is for you.

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30 thoughts on “How To Check Automatic Transmission Fluid

  1. My transmission fluid is red at cold but as it goes up to hot it gets lighter? I’ve been having my transmission shifting hard coming out of first. Could that be the issue

  2. Hi Eric , im from the philippines nobody knows exactly even an expert mechanics here in our place the hows the right proceedure to check the level of an isuzu trooper 2000 model w/ 4jx1 engine , i’ve seen in the dipstic C … & H because what i have is the operating manual only it doesnt mentioned exactly whats the proper level of ATF on this engine . So Eric can you teach me what the right level of ATF on this 4jx1 engine . THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! More power to you !

  3. i checked my fluid on my 79 camaro n when its cold the fluid passes the hot margin limit when its warmed i check n its a little below the line where is says hot?

  4. 2007 Nissan Maxima that is not even up to 48K miles yet: What is the absolute, exact way to check the CVT fluid? Thanks for answering. I have been told; that if the fluid amount is not exactly right; it can damage the transmission.
    True or false?


  5. Hi Eric, checking the fluid level on my Vito W639 is very tricky. There is no dipstick so I bought one but it doesn't have a flat blade at the bottom, just a coiled wire. I think I'll add a flat blade to it tomorrow! That should be easier to read

  6. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra and I changed the transmission fluid and filter and added the proper amount of transmission fluid but with the vehicle cold it showing to be over full.
    My dipstick only has two dots on the bottom and on top which one do I use for cold check?

  7. I have a 2000 Ford F350 5.4 engine and when I checked my transmission fluid. It only read full on one side of the stick but the other side was dry still. Am I low on fluid or what..??

  8. Thanks Eric! I know this video is old, but man I am struggling to get a strong read on a 2016 Wrangler with that mercedes nag1 transmission. Cold is easy, but hot is tough as hell to read. When I get the trans temp to 180 degrees as stated in the manual, run through gears, place in park and do my check I can only reqlly get the fluid to fill the "hot" low hole (this stick has the holes) It is impossible to guage where on the stick the fluid level is. All I know for sure if at 180 degrees the low side HOT marker hole is filled with fluid, and the high side is not. If I was to guess using a paper towel pat trick, i THINK the fluid is somewhere right in the middle section of the hot area between the hot low and high holes. Is that all I can hope for? Leave it be?

  9. Hello I have Acura rdx 2007 and my mechanic did transition fluid change but he add it one extra liter now when I driving it show me blinking de "D" what should I do ?

  10. My dipstick has 25c and 80c .. once it gets hot and I check it, the oil comes to the bottom of the 80c line do I add half of quart.. I did this 4 times to be sure.. also what if one side reads higher , for an example it's at the top of 80c on one side and at the 80c low on the other's confusing

  11. Eric, it's transmission that has to be at operating temp, not the engine. Trans fluid won't necessarily be hot even if motor is. I think you know that but missed it in the video .

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