Droid X benchmark tests

Phil puts the Motorola Droid X with Android 2.1 through a series of benchmark tests.


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  1. @rusty815 I'm sure a droid x running on froyo is similar don't forget that the only difference between the X and 2 global is that the 2 global uses an overclocked version of the processor in the droid x. All the hardware components between the droid x and 2 global are exactly the same.

  2. my droid 2 global got 30fps on nenamark, and 2400 on quadrant, no overclocking and with team diffuse's fission rom, which is basically a vanilla android with no mods. gears gives me 70fps, and linpack gives me 16.5 MFLOPS

  3. The HTC Desire Z aka G2 rapes the Galaxy S… it finished Quadrant Standard at 1541 while the Galaxy finished at 893. The G2 also finishes the Neocore Benchmark at 57.4 FPS while the Galaxy S finishes with 55 FPS. The G2 does this with an underclocked Snapdragon set at 800MHZ. The Scorpion processor is more efficient at 800. The HTC Desire Z is the new standard and the most powerful phone available at the momemt.

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