30 Days Clean: A Lifelong Battle With Addiction And Prison

In this video, I introduce you to Chris. A man I first met in prison in 2014. Since then, Chris has struggled with addiction as he has for most of his life. And since 2014 he has been in and out of jail numerous times. All for troubles stemming from his problem with addiction. For the first time in his life, he seems very adamant about remaining sober and has done so for longer now than he ever has before: 30 days. But even with this clean time, he still has a mountain to climb in terms of finding success for himself after prison and after addiction. But it all starts for him with staying clean. Even with the possibility of having to go back to prison to complete a program.

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34 thoughts on “30 Days Clean: A Lifelong Battle With Addiction And Prison

  1. This man right here is a childhood friend of mine that I've basically grown up with since my early teen's. I look at him like a brother. Everything he speaks about in this interview is facts and tbh it hurts me to look back on the road not just him but myself went down in life because I no his heart and his intentions.He's a good dude with a good heart. Drugs,especially heroin is a demon that is hard to beat. Im proud to see him fighting with all he's got to overcome his addiction. So to those that watch this and hear his testimony that may be going down that road of drugs n the street life.. take his story to heart because before a blink of an eye you could look back if your lucky enuff to even still be living and see all the wasted yrs and lost times with ppl that really care n love u. It's not a life u want. So to my friend my brother (Kris) stay strong and you just keep taking it one day at a time bro.

  2. I think the program will be good for him because all it takes is 1shot of heroin and it's over or possibly death with all the different types of cut in that stuff. He should wanna go if he really wants to change for the best and not looking for a handout with a sob story and get something accomplished on paper not talk.

  3. I've been doing my best to stay away from this exact drug and I'm not going to lie it truly is a very very hard drug to stop. I've been going to the clinic now for two years and I truly believe that M.A.T. medically assistant treatment for those who don't know what that means has truly turned my life around I'm able to go to work and not have to worry about anything other than the recovery skills I'm learning. I was on heroin everyday for 10 years I started smoking weed when I was 16 before I even smoked a cigarette and I thought hey everyone said that this is bad but I don't see anything wrong about it so what else is there that could help me not feel the pain I was in from football. My Mom started to give me a few pain pills here and there because it was getting pretty bad from sports and I really liked the drunkenness of the way that the pills made me feel. After a while I got hooked up with a guy who I was working with and he had everything from oxys to perks hydrocodone and a lot of them. At the end of our friendship or so I thought I was always paying for the previous weeks cost on Friday and getting fronted for the next week so I could feel better when I was at work. He ended up getting arrested from the DEA on a Friday at lunch while we were at work and I got some stuff as well as paying for what I had already gotten needless to say my life was about to change for the worse. After a few days of him being let go by the company another guy who I had worked with came to me and said hey I know that you are not feeling well and I don't have any pills but I do have the next best thing to help get rid of the withdraws and I was at that point ready to do anything he said this is heroin and you don't need very much for it's stronger than oxys. So I did it and there was never any looking back even after a different job I was going to his house almost everyday when I was out. But now it's been over two years in February and MAT truly saved my life and I'm able to be me for the first time in a long long long time.

  4. Joe just wanna say I really appreciate what you do and the vibe of your interview questions. Very positive and affirming for these guys, you are a saint. Much love and respect and I wish you continued success.

  5. Sublocade might help. I could not stay sober to save my life until I got the sublocade injection. Once you get sober it’s like the drugs try to find you. Vivitrol or sublocade can block it for months.

  6. Im a recovering addict too, 26 almost 27 been clean for almost 4 years. Alot of respect to what your doing, helping recovering addicts and using your platform to shine light and educate people on the disease of addiction. Hope this man stays clean and continues doing the right thing 🙏🏻

  7. Just watched “the holy beast” or “the holy cow” or whatever curious George is calling himself nowadays!!! The dude is so far gone, he thinks we can’t see through him, then he shuts the comments off after his gay for the stay partner was exposed!!! Crazy as hell he talks about gay Dave which is a joke then someone outed him for actually doing a guy, I think joe wins round 1!!!! Lol and joe didn’t even have to say anything people just destroyed him!!!

  8. Joe has a gift, helping others through your gift of gab joe is cool!! No offense meant by that but people cling to personalities like yours, just the way you talk it makes people feel good!!

  9. Stay strong brother. Staying clean is possible. Ever since I got sober I suffer from bad anxiety. It makes ot hard to enjoy life but one of the drugs I used for 8 years was benzos and I tell myself that my brain is trying to get me to use xanax to take away the anxiety. I just tell myself that I get through every other anxiety attack and that I'll get through the ones in the future. Still working on my anxiety but I'll take anxiety over being back on heroin, crack and benzos. Take care brother, you got this!

  10. Knowing and accepting what he needs to do to stay away from that life, if a great step on the right path.. best of luck to ya Kris, you remind me alot of an ex that is sitting pre-lease for 6 months just finish 9mo "treatment"… honestly i see more success then in him right now, i know him more then he knows himself and there is still the same thought and behavior process.. it is a second by second stuggle and that is all ya can do and pray you do right for that second… plow that new path, be your own rock star, change is scary and to experience new emotions about simple things and not knowing what to except… you the only person that can write the future and live your best life every day adventures…

  11. His emotional demons are probably the hardest to work through. At least that was the hardest part for me. Relearning how to cope with emotions in a healthy way takes time but is the most valuable aspect of recovery! Stay positive Chris!

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