It’s been a really long time since I’ve shared a video. But I’ve been wanting to get back to creating content for a while now. Hope I can do so, and still create content you would enjoy checking out. Have a great day!

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  1. Idk i`m sure you have always had huge goals for yourself and always wanted to do more but idk why you ever left youtube to begin with. Not only left but why you decided to start doing house flipping ect. You could have just stayed on the youtube and social media path and made tons of money and provided a crazy good life for your entire family. i`m not going to claim to have watched you from the start but i def have been watching for at least 6 years if not more.

  2. This comment isn't meant to sound as shitty as I think it's going to.. but do you think it's going to be successful to give business advice when you haven't kept a successful business? I'm not sure that's something i would want to watch. I wouldn't be able to take seriously someone trying to tell how to run a business when said person doesn't either.
    I dunno, just my two cents.

  3. one content idea is u take us step by step on scouting a house and flipping it from start to finish. people might find inspiration to try it themselves or just watch it for entertainment. of course there needs to be a plot and in this case it would be ur budget and overall profit from the deal. i really loved watching house flippers back in the day when it was on cable.

  4. You are successful because you keep trying something. And just love, you keep teying til you get the right one, and have a successful relationship. The same wirh being an entrepreneur , keep trying to you feel successful. I absolutely loved "The After Prison Show"!

  5. Nobody is good at business right off rip. It takes YEARS to perfect a trade, and even a master can't start a business and be successful instantly. There's a reason 75% of businesses never last 15 years. Even successful companies sometimes only last a decade or two and are gone when tides change. Don't give up.

    My best advice in business is to just keep your back against the wall and tell yourself you have no choice. Keep improving and remember you're competing against other humans who are smart and doing things you're not doing that's giving them an advantage. You've got to figure out what makes your competitors successful, how they're able to offer lower prices and how you can lower your prices and keep a good margin.

    Good luck bro.

  6. Loved those early APS shows-it would be great to have more like them. But am just happy to see you here again. hope the painting business turns around for you. we're here for updates, stories or just checking in ☺️

  7. people train to be a painter for 4 years trade certified that's one thing the other is fixing dry wall is basically handyman work, and being a handyman is spelt man not men, and typically is just 1 or few people.. I saw some of your videos a few months back or so, and I really thought you'd end up plugging a bunch of good business ideas through your viewers (not just merch).

  8. with a lot of employees you do have to get cheaper in that type of business. because u need to keep them all occupied it’s better to divide everyone’s pay per unit vs divide one unit with a bunch of guys. i had an uncle who started with himself and a cousin. because they weren’t licensed, they were really cheap and got a lot of request. it ends up being 6 of them and he puts two in each house and each unit has to pay him and the the two guys fairly so he was able to get a lot of work done at the same time. It worked out pretty good for him but he had his problems and now does the same in mexico.

  9. There’s a million things I wanna say now that you’re back Joe!! But aside from all those things I need to say this. Please Joe if you need to take a break from videos for any reason, please please tell us you need to take a break. That’s all I ask of you Joe because I know I’m not the only one who worried immensely about you!! Your like family to more of us than you know Joe! I’m just grateful you came back! I also am excited to hear all that has happened these last 6 months and look forward to following the journey you take us on. Welcome back!! ♥️♥️♥️

  10. JOOOOE!!! Long tine no see!!!! Hope everything's good with you 🙌 keeping it clean, I see! I like the look. Missed you, big guy! Much love!!!

  11. Bro uve got me thru so much an been such a inspiration it’s truly insane how far I’ve came bc of u truly appreciate an respect u for everything brother much love

  12. I do miss the prison stories

    Why not do stories with people that came out like 5+ years ago and did well after that? Found a job, place to live.. started a family or are on their way to..

    So basically how they went from prison to good life

    But not as in "made a shitload of money and became a business man" theme. But more like a, got a normal not-criminal life. This would be different from what you did before with the "just got out" theme. But really going with people that have been out for a longer time. A time period where it becomes less likely to go back.

    Im basically saying stories AFTER prison, the story from the moment they came out up to where they are now. How they made sure they didnt go back.

    I used to love it when my dad talked about getting out of prison, finding a job.. And his stories helped me, because I learned where he took the wrong turns and I have never been in prison. He also talked a lot about his time before and in prison. And I still like hearing his stories. So I would say, dont be afraid to tell your son. Give him the tools to never see a prison on the inside.

  13. Your son will not only see all of your videos and be proud of you, he will also see all the appreciation from your followers/viewers! We all love you and have missed your presence! Keep on talking to that camera, we’re listening and supporting you 💯👊🏻😊

  14. I wondered if you went back to prison. Glad you’re ok. I have some advise I hope you’ll read. If you start making videos and content again, please don’t get sucked back into the world of giving free stuff away, doing free work for people, dedicating your own personal time to random people attempting to help them in some way. That whole share the love crap for brothers on parole is painful to watch people do. Going out of your way to find people jobs and being dragged to court as character witnesses. We don’t live in the kind of world that rewards people for doing that, quite the contrary. No good deed goes unpunished and you’ll just end up being taken for a ride. I’ve seen so many good people on social media and in real life truly get taken for a ride, going so far as to letting people live for free with them or on their properties, giving away their cars, promising things like rides to work they all of a sudden can not get out of doing every day of their life, offering to take their dogs. You name it I’ve seen it. People who have suffered, gone to prison and have a better life often feel so grateful to what they now have, they end up wanting to share with others, and end up in some bad places. You need to focus on yourself and let random people help themselves

  15. I've been watching you for a long time now. I'm not sure how many agree with me on this…but I didn't watch cause of prison stuff, but getting to know you and your struggle. You've got an infectious and awesome personality….and it's been awesome to be a part of your journey, however it's looked. It's been nice watching your videos cause in a strange way, I fell less alone in my own struggles.

    In short, just be you…that's what's made this community from the start. That's my take anyway. Your an awesome guy and I'm glad I've been able to get to know you through this channel. Stay strong brother!

  16. Man I watched you just getting out of jail and felt like your videos matched my life picking up a trafficking charge at 23 I loved your content and miss it man!

  17. My thoughts:
    You never have to apologize for a break its your life live it how you want record it if you prefer.
    I don't know your skills as a painter what i do know is i like listening to you talk sometimes it was interesting conversations and content you shared and talked about also the guests you had that was all interesting to me
    You have charisma
    You have fans
    You have a platform
    You have a truck
    You have friends
    You have a way of speaking that catches people's attention not the world but the ones who are here.
    Use all of this how ever you please if it works and if its fun for you then keep doing that.
    Whatever it is Try to keep it legal 🤣

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