I Made A Huge Mistake With The Flip House…

This is not a video I wanted to film. But definitely something you deserve to hear about. I made a huge mistake with the flip house. And I know what I did was not smart at all. Now I am going to pay for it.

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36 thoughts on “I Made A Huge Mistake With The Flip House…

  1. You didn't listen to me about the cleaning business and how to hire/treat employees, you didn't listen about the storage unit flipping, you didn't listen to me about Danny, you didn't listen to me about there is no shame in hiring a contractor to walk you guys through this shit. Why the hell are you going to listen to me know?? I love your show man, but crap your dam slow learner.

  2. Joe let me guess not start until after you had your realtor come in, am I right? Nobody had the same exact thing happen to him between the time that the Realtors came out but before the appraiser got there. He already talked the appraiser and had set up an appointment for him to come out.

  3. That’s like recording myself robbing a bank and putting it online then wondering why people are telling on me. ………with that mentality it just shows you still aren’t on the up and up.

  4. That guy who made that email and made a death threat at the end could be traced back since he called the city, since it’s illegal asf to make a death threat.

  5. Some jealous bastards out there……. I have nothing but respect for Joe for his honesty in ALL matters!!
    I believe in Karma…. Joe will be fine!!! The rat / rats who are trying to ruin him……. Wouldn't like to be in their shoes!!
    Easy for ME to say but it will be alright on the night! God Bless you man 🙏🏻🇮🇪☘🇮🇪🙏🏻

  6. Yeah I'm sure you guys told him about permits. But he probably thought it was a foolish thing to get. He didn't have anyone in his life to tell him about this story is what I'm thinking. Maybe nobody in his family never owned property or remodeled. This kinda thing is part of moving up in life. I'm glad to see the guy is trying to make something of himself. Thousands of people have gone through this. They just haven't filmed it and put it out there.

  7. We were selling a house about a year ago and were 3 days from closing when an inspector showed up and said that our house didn't meet FHA regulation, 4000$ later and max stress we got it finish and ended up losing on the house. You got this Joe.

  8. JOE< please give to the police. Not that they will do anything, sadly.
    It's not that most people want you to fail. There are a few assholes, but they can do a lot of damage.

  9. Look into making your flip house into your main residence..? U maybe get away with not having permits…not sure but maybe worth looking into…

  10. I must say … I understand why you aren’t posting now … but I really miss the house videos man … go totally legit next time so you can keep these going .. I watched every flip house video … and honestly , I’d love to see the montage before and after but , I get your situation w that rn ….

  11. You need a permit to do work to your own property. They only care about the money it generates for the city.

  12. Some people just like to be mean and nasty and that's sad….. They generally have a low I.Q or/and, a lot of immaturity! Jealousy can also bring some of the most crazy people out there who would do anything in their power to make your life a misery!

  13. yt stopped showing after prison show on my feed even tho i watch every episode . If you have noticed a decline in views that is prolly part of it .. i just now thought "hey why hasnt after prison show made a video in over a mnth ? …

  14. Mistakes are the foundation of wisdom. If you didn't learn anything from this experience and just did it all again over and over again…. you might be stupid, lol 😆. You're not stupid though. You are going to have haters when you're doing and succeeding at things people who wish they could, never will. Joe, you are part of a dying breed. You are self made. That's a dream we all look to attain. You made a few mistakes, doing something positive and its messy now, but as a hard working, trying, and dedicated person, you'll not only get it done, you'll walk away with a world of more knowledge. I hope this comment makes sense, its meant to build you up. I'll keep you in my prayers, and I hope you find the answers and solutions you are seeking. Life throws us curveballs, and its not fair sometimes. It's only impossible if you quit. Keep your head up. Keep going.

  15. I spent most of my life in Real Estate. I would use the words; "rehabilitated house, remodeled house, renovated house, rather than flip house. Flip house sets off a red flag to real estate appraisers.

  16. Not all that bad , Joe they can do tests , and the major would be your drains they can test those 2 , but your right they'll be up your nose .. Submit your plans it's not dooms day just a woodsy . They need to get over themselves, but the mear fact that the trade shops were selling more than they permitted, they want there blood from the stone Joe. My emboss became a town planner ask if I wanted a job. Your doing alright their Joe.

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