What Prisoners Are REALLY Eating In Prison

In this video, we are about to start a new series here on AfterPrisonShow called “What Prisoners Are REALLY Eating In Prison.” It was over this past weekend when I received an email from a guy in prison who has a cell phone and is going to share not only the meals they are being served but also stories from the inside. Hope you enjoy.

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44 thoughts on “What Prisoners Are REALLY Eating In Prison

  1. My dad was a usda inspector he was disgusted with meat rock production. Dad absolutely detested checking that shit. They always did it on Friday some Friday’s he would have a few on the way home. It’s so horrible that sometimes he says he can still smell the shit. And he’s been out of the business for 9 years

  2. I can remember my Dad saying, Human Beings no matter how bad they are shouldn’t have to eat this shit. He said because that’s what it is nothing short of shit. Meat Rock production was one of the leading causes that led to Dad’s “early retirement” from the USDA.

  3. This shit comes in on a filthy open AG trailer. I know this because I live 25 miles from chicken and turkey capital Va. I see it everyday on the road. You can see the beaks the feet packed into this open trailer. It’s flat out disgusting

  4. 3 things I learned from this video: I totally wanna try meat rock, "Bob" is a cool dude even though he's probably a serial, and that powdered donut looks like a good throwing rock.

  5. It was probably 12 ounces of 'spaghetti'. The cup is an 8 oz cup when filled with water. The 'spaghetti' is likely more dense than water and so the same volume in the cup would weigh more.

  6. Crazy thing is everything other than the beek people around the world eat every day including my self. I've been locked up,that's where I met grits. Till this day I love grits and gravy. Lol

  7. I don't doubt that Bob isn't really in prison at all because he explained that meat Rock perfectly what it is and how it's made I've been to prison in Indiana I've seen what he calls meat rock it is a big pink brick comes out of a box that says not for human consumption right on the side of the box

  8. The history books yet to be written will call us barbarians for treating people like this, and they'll be absolutely correct.

  9. I work in a meat processing facility.

    Chances are it's not beaks, feet and veins. It's more likely the trim meat and edible by-products that aren't used for other products. Things like liver, kidney, tripe, scrap meat/fat, etc.

    It's still disgusting but just figured I'd point that out.

  10. Somebody is pocketing a lot of tax dollars for sure, as many corners as jails and prisons cut. We need new roads where I live but no money to do anything, dumb.

  11. He has been in prison for 46 yrs now and he makes the videos to discourage people from going to prison by showing people what they are going to be eating in prison and sharing his experiences. He is pretty cool 😎

  12. He had a horrible childhood. According to him, he was adopted at birth, his adopted parents separated when he was 5yrs old and he lived with the adopted mom who abused him mentally, physically and sexually. He ran away at 12 , lived 2yrs on the streets until he robbed a store. He was tried as an adult and received a life sentence. He was put in whith grown killers and rapist at age 14. He scaped from prison 7 times and in his time out he shot and killed a guy. He was sentence to 624 yrs and he has already served 46yrs. Sooooo sad and tragic.

  13. Bobs a full on fraud 💯👀,, dint believe Bob pple he full if shit, been called out loads of times, carnt evan take a few under cover pics, his cell, boohoo fool

  14. Its always soy soy SOY hell I even got food poisoning in prison sucked so okay I take that back about the soy it was delicious compared to what this guy is eating but as far the menu is the same we just didn't get meat rock thu

  15. No offense joe cause I really like you, if they are in prison for murder or hurting children, then they don’t deserve decent food honestly. If it’s non violent crimes then I don’t want to see people eating garbage, but it you’re in prison for life, it’s for a reason so let the scum eat scum honestly. I was molested and raped when I was a child and the piece of shit only got 8 months! So seeing prisoners like that scum eating this garbage food makes me happy

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