Ford Explorer Sport Trac – The Aftermath

In this video we show how to replace the wheel studs, repair the flat and replace the rotor on this Ford Explorer Sport Trac that had the wheel run loose. I later found out from the owner he had AAA come and change his original flat! UhOh!! Always double check your wheel nuts folks, this could have been a whole lot worse!

Kastar 938 Wheel Stud Installer Kit:

Lisle 22800 Wheel Stud Installer:

Original Video:

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  1. I really really strongly want to scream "FAAAAKE!!!!" at you because those wheel studs came out WWWAAAAYYYY too easy even considering its a new hub bearing. I WISH studs came out that easy for me without needing to be cut shorter or having to grind them down at all to slip the new ones in….

  2. This may sound obvious to some but here is a tip to get you out of the desert when you find you forgot to put the nuts on.
    Take one nut from the other three wheels and as long as the threads aren't too bad, you can bolt on the fourth wheel and you can get to safety.

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