Making a Custom Weight Plate for the Hatch!

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  1. Hay Kyle i have a vtec h22 that’s getting scraped if I do a conversion in a Honda carb set up wat would I need to take out of the prelude with the vtec?? Like loom and how far back or ???? Need advise thanx man.

  2. If you need more weight cut out the back notch out of a rectangle of steel and add little pegs to locate it on top of the first essentially making a stack of plates. You could even make the additional plates out of different thicknesses to mess around with the amount of weight depending on conditions.

  3. please get in touch with me if you have a b18c with vtech looking for one for my dads ef hatch we are in need of one asap please and thank you if you can get ahold me on facebook at jacob brauer or at my email itd be very much appreciated

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