Suspects For Robbery Pattern in the 2nd and 14th Districts – Blotter

NEDD and NWDD is investigating (5) highway robberies. In each case, the offenders display or uses a hammer during the robbery. The offenders are wearing the same clothing in each of the robberies and flee in a white Acura bearing NJ Temp tag 7843743T.

Incident #1:
DC# 23-02-58486

On 12-20-23 at 4:15pm, while at the Fox Chase playground located at 7901Ridgeway the victim, a 13 year-ol-male, was approached by four males wearing dark masks. One of the males pulled out a handgun as the other males attacked the victim. One suspect took his black “Bape” hoodie while another male took his black New Balance sneakers. The other two suspects started to punch, kick, then stomp on the victim as he was knocked to the ground. While on the ground, one of the suspects pulled out a hammer and struck the complainant on the arms legs and forehead. The four suspects then ran to a waiting White Acura SUV, possible newer model, and left the scene at a high rate of speed.

  • Suspect Description:
    Suspect #1: White male, 13-16 years-of-age, 5’6”, 120-130lbs and wearing a mask.
    Suspect #2: Black male, 13-16 years-of-age, 5’6” and wearing a mask.
    Suspect #3: Black male, 13-16 years-of-age, 5’8”-5’10” and wearing a mask.
    Suspect #4: Black male, 13-16 years-of-age, 5’6” and wearing a mask.

Incident #2:
DC# 23-02-058491

On December 20, 2023, at 5:18PM the victim was waiting for the bus at Adams & Rising Sun Avenues when he was approached by the suspects who punched him and told him to drop his things. The victim complied and the offenders took his bag which contained his school Chromebook and Yeezy sneakers. One of the suspects had displayed a hammer.

  • Suspect Description:
    Suspect #1: Black male, red “Bape“ hoody, and armed with a hammer.
    Suspect #2: Black male, wearing a purple “Bape” hoody.

Incident #3:
DC# 23-02-058614

On December 21, 2023, at 12:25PM the victim was on the 57xx block of Rising Sun Avenue when the suspects approached him and demanded his sneakers. The suspects then knocked him to the ground and took his PandaDunk sneakers. One of the suspects then pulled out a small sledgehammer. The offenders then fled in a white Acura MDX bearing NJ temp tag 7843743T. 24th & 25th district police located the vehicle, but it was lost in the area of 7th & Lehigh.

  • Suspect Description:
    Suspect: #1: White male, 5’4”, wearing a purple Bape hoody.
    Suspect #2: Black male, “Nasir”, 5’10” wearing a black mask.
    Suspect #3: Black female, “Rachelle Dever”, red hair.
    Suspect #4: Black male, 5’10” and wearing a mask.
    Suspect #5: Black male, 5’4”.
    Suspect #6: White female.

Incident #4:
DC# 23-14-066968

On December 21, 2023, at approximately 3:19pm, 14th District Officers responded to 20th St and Cheltenham Ave for a radio call person with a weapon. Upon arrival, the victim stated he was walking west on Cheltenham Ave when three unknown black males wearing all black clothing and ski masks approached him yelling “Give me your sneakers”. One of the suspects then hit him in the head with a
hammer and attempted to take the victim’s shoes but were unsuccessful. The suspects then fled on foot in an unknown direction. The complainant suffered a laceration to the right side of his head and was transported to AEMC by Medic.

Incident #5:
DC# 23-02-034495

On December 21, 2023, at approximately 7:45PM the victim was at Krewstown & Surrey Roads when he realized he was about to be attacked when six to seven suspect all wearing black Nike ski masks, ran up to him. The victim then ran into the middle of the street when the suspects attacked him. One suspect, a thin black male wearing all black, was swinging a black and yellow hammer at him while the other suspects were kicking and punching him. The victim fought back but was overwhelmed and the suspects took his bicycle and shoes. The suspect was able to recover his bicycle. The suspects then fled in a red or orange Kia SUV. The victim also stated that a white SUV had been driving behind him prior to the robbery and he believes that vehicle is also affiliated with the suspects. The red or orange SUV fled and was last seen west on Surrey Road and then turned north on Alton Street where it was lost.

  • Suspect Description: Six unknown black males wearing all dark clothing and masks.

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