Samsung Galaxy A5 + A3 2017 hands-on preview!

Samsung is doubling down on mid-range phones with some surprisingly premium-level features in this year’s Galaxy A series. Alex takes a first look at the Galaxy A3 and A5, 2017 edition.

More Galaxy A3 + A5:

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  1. I have the A3 2016 and wanted to upgrade but am disapointed with the same camera on 2017 and again old software which was updated on my phone in Oktober 2016. So I wont wait again so long. Sad Samsung

  2. to costly….we Indians prefer. midrange phone which cost between 10k and 15k…or we may buy phone up to 17k….and not more than this…..but samsung this is too costly for us….

  3. Well, they might have stayed with Marshmallow because Nougat takes much more storage (You know, because of "seemless updates" requiring its own partition for updates)

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