Samsung Galaxy S4 official wireless charging kit

Alex takes a look at the official wireless charging kit for the Samsung Galaxy S4. You’ll want the pop the current back plate off, and replace it with the official Samsung S charger back. You can get it in black, or white, and it has gold contacts on the inside. It’s a bit thicker than the regular back, and does take a fair amount of pressure to pop into place. Using the official charging pad from Samsung, all you need to do is place the phone on the pad to start charging wirelessly.

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  1. I'll admit there's no real use for this unless and hear me out your micro USB port gets messed up and you can't charge it like that then this would practically fix that without having to take it to a repair shop but other than that yeah it's pretty dumb tbh

  2. I just want to remind you guys, the point of these video is to inform you all that We are in the generation of high tech gadgets and still on going. we should be proud of and happy for the effort of the people behind these high tech gadget.

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