Exclusive: Pixel 8a specs revealed | BIG upgrades on the way!

The Google Pixel 8a is coming, and we’ve got some exclusive specs details to share ahead of its official launch! Read the full report from Android Authority contributor Kamila Wojciechowska here: https://www.androidauthority.com/google-pixel-8a-specs-exclusive-3426314/

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Exclusive – 00:00
Major Display Change – 0:38
Design – 1:36
Tensor G3 – 1:51
Display Port? 2:51
Camera – 3:14
Better Availability – 3:43
Price – 4:18
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34 thoughts on “Exclusive: Pixel 8a specs revealed | BIG upgrades on the way!

  1. Display port? So… USB C to HDMI/TV Out capabilities? FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY!!!! I've been looking for a replacement for my aging Nvidia Shield K1 tablet that I use as a pure Android 'TV entertainment/general Android useability unit' (with connectability for a wireless keyboard/mouse & external storage etc) for a couple of reasons…
    1 – Pure Android with no excessive bloatware like say… Samsung and their multiple Google cloned apps that AREN'T as good.
    2 – PROPER Android (compared to Android TV) as I have tried on many different 'Android TV OS' boxes but CAN'T install and run 'Movie HD' app (a GREAT 'Go to' for Movies/TV series).
    3 – Other use examples and OS/Security update rerasons (my K1 is stuck on Android 7 & 2Gb Ram lol)

    I WAS looking at buying a second hand Motorola phone with 'Ready For' capabilities (but OS/Security updates are questionable) or a second hand Samsung Galaxy that has the DeX feature, (but, again, the bloody useless Samsung bloatware you CAN'T fully uninstall), I EVEN thought about getting a Chromebook, but, yet again, Chrome OS has some limiting features like not being able to run some Apps I use regularly, and then there are the MANY makes/various 'Android TV boxes' out there, but most are questionable about their OS/Security updates AND that they're running Android TV OS AND their lack of specs 3Gb Ram etc… The Motorola/Lenovo 'ThinkPhone' was looking good for this too… 🤔

    What with Google DENYING us this USB C to External display feature for many years (while some select manufacturers still allowed this), it's been FRICKIN ANNOYING, after all, WHAT IS A PHONE? A POWERFUL computer in your pocket, so, WHY NOT allow it to be connected to a multiport USB hub, link it to a large screen, keyboard, mouse and external storage when you get home like what Motorola & Samsung do??? Hmmm? 🤔

    So.. The Pixel 8a… COULD BE… EXACTLY what I need… Fast/powerful SOC, possibly 8Gb Ram and fast UFS 3.1 storage, meaning, I'll have a MAHOOSIVE UPGRADE from my slow, slowly dying, old OS'd 2Gb RAM'd K1 Tablet… SWEET! 🤔😏👍… IF… IF it's true about the 'Display Port' functionality… 🤔

  2. Also be warned that the Samsung modem might not be all that good. My Samsung phone has terrible trouble with phone calls, wifi connectivity, and bluetooth. Not sure which one the modem covers, but since all of my connectivity sucks, I can assume it's probably one of em.

  3. Be warned — 120Hz displays can drain battery life. My S22 (notoriously bad battery life even beyond just the screen) came with that feature, but I had to turn it off to last even half a day.

  4. Tbh I have no idea where the "BIG upgrades" are
    * Screen is almost the same (120hz instead of 90Hz won't be a huge difference and only cost more battery)
    * Camera is the same
    * Displayport is fairly niche

    Sooo I guess we are getting a newer processor for, in current market pricing, at least 50% more than the 7A?

    Only upside is that it probably gets the longer software support of the 8. Which, to be fair, has also become a lot less important compared to the olden times of android versions which were named after sweets.

  5. Hope there is no price bump the 7a had a significant rise over the 6 ,unlike the US prices in Europe have remained high especially when you compare it to a Samsung A54

  6. Pixel A series is a very weird phone nowadays. They basically release a slightly crippled version of the regular main pixel phone (the pixel 8 in this case) 6+ monthes later for the same price you can find the regular phone for (as its been on the market a while already). Makes no real sense tbh.

  7. Thanks, wasted 5 mins watching this to find out there are no upgrades over the P8 and it's all guesswork anyway.
    AA, you've just lost yourself a subscriber.

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