Google’s BIG plans for the Android ECOSYSTEM!

Google has HUGE plans to make Android a little more interoperable with every device you own…


00:00 – Intro
00:28 – Nearby Share is now Quick Share
1:02 – New Cast and Fast Pair functions
2:25 – Android Auto hits a new gear
3:07 – Google Built-in x Android Automotive
4:08 – Google on the up

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39 thoughts on “Google’s BIG plans for the Android ECOSYSTEM!

  1. Android became completely irrelevant since the day manufacturers started putting fingerprint readers under screen, which are simply terrible.

  2. Have you seen how poorly designed, buggy, ugly and rigid the YouTube's commenting/editing/settings are? YT is now by far the best and biggest social media, far more useful because it lets people earn money for their time, it allows people to learn new things, yet Google can't seem to bother with employing a few people to tidy up the interface, to refresh it with more settings, colours, appearance, etc. What a disgrace.😡

  3. They need to step up their game. Apples whole company depends on the iphones. They spend billions every year for RnD. No Android phone company is even near that. Unless they decide to spend more resources into the mobile world they will never catch up to Apple

  4. Did you know that google actually has Nearby Share apps for Windows for years! Just right click on Windows then tap Nearby Share, boom! But they did it dirty and trying to hide them. Since 2019 Microsoft is working with Google in some projects, but somehow Google always hide major function for Windows like they always did for Windows Phone.

  5. Google is talking about „big plans” of creating ecosystem for YEARS. And each year they turn up with nothing. They can’t keep singular products alive, let alone whole ecosystem.

  6. I wonder what will happen to Samsung Phones which currently have the QuickShare onboard next to NerbyShare when the fusion comes. Will the Samsung QuickShare App disappear and only the fusioned QuickShare appear?

  7. I don't think it will work, although I am rooting for it.
    The problem is, conflicting interest.
    Manufacturers intentionally lock features to force users into their own sub-ecosystem.
    Even considering Samsung, many many features of their Watch and Buds are missing if you use them with a non-Samsung Android phone, without any obvious reason, which is what lock-in is.

  8. If Samsung made Android OS I believe it would be a better experience. Samsung products are next to Apple's. Samsung is doing great innovating things..

  9. If Google BIGGER and IN TOTAL in cars they better be promising to not shuttering it for 20+ years coz they can’t “Brick” Polestars and other brands if they want to move on or upgrade past the cars processing capacity or transfer to a different service for tax reasons, internal power struggles or consolidations in other services like Google Play music You Tube music. THEN. Throw away arrangements altogether.

  10. Of course, all of this "fast transfer" stuff pre-assumes that everything I'm watching or listening to is from a streaming service. I absolutely never use streaming services.

  11. I always laugh when I hear apple eco system as all it is a series of poor purchasing decisions. Cross platform support is more important than vendor lockin.

  12. I'm starting the video…
    "Apple's ecosystem is unrivaled."
    Google's one is in another league.
    Google's one is several OS, several OS apps and so many web apps working together that nearly everyone uses.
    For example, you take a picture with your phone. No need to do anything except wait seconds and your photo is anywhere with Internet access: in your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, in your watch, and from any decide where you're connected on to your Google Account.
    Same with files using Google Drive and so many other use-cases.
    Google's ecosystem is so good that people don't even realize using it because it's so seamless.

  13. Apple:Kids,this is when we first learned to use fire.

    (I have both system,well 2/3 of android, because air pods pro supports android. Sorry Samsung, but you know why.)
    When the Android is immersed in creating the best tool, Samsung suits up for the day-to-day office job, Apple has already directed at the theater.
    It's thinking different(I mean when Jobs was still around), targeting different at the beginningbut now we all helping AI take over everything.

  14. How do you authenticate in the car once you're signed into your account? Can anybody who gets in your car, access your account? Does it need to be paired with your phone and not work unless your phone connects, similar to Android auto? This is a cool idea but it scares me to think I'll just be signed into my account in my car all the time. I recently bought a Tesla-style android head unit for my old minivan and I had the same issue. I signed my wife's account into the van's head unit but quickly logged out once I thought about having my wife signed in on this car. What if it gets stolen? Thanks, great video!

  15. Google doesn't have an app on windows except Chrome and they speaks about interoperability. May be google have to make Chromebook powerful as windows then.

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