HTC U12+ Review Redux: Button Fix Update! [U12 Plus]

When we first reviewed the HTC U12+, it was kind of a mess. That was almost exclusively the fault of the digital buttons… but now they’re fixed, and this phone is worth a second look. So here’s our HTC U12+ Review Redux, with fixed digital buttons, working Edge Sense 2 and battery improvements to boot. Alex dives into how HTC’s latest flagship fares with up-to-date firmware.

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33 thoughts on “HTC U12+ Review Redux: Button Fix Update! [U12 Plus]

  1. Hey I am loking to.but.this htc U12+ again can you help me find out where I can get it in india Mumbai, I am a htc fan so can't switch it to any other model

  2. I've had the HTC U11 since 2016, and I still get complements on the camera quality. When my U11 takes its last breath I'm buying the U12+ unless HTC comes out with a newer model.

  3. "… Hard reset the phone.."
    Come again? I mean, tbf, there have been bugs that can totally waste your device… but this sounds really extreme. Best to keep up backups anyways.

  4. HTC is busy making phones for others, like Google. They are nowhere near broke. They just make more money elsewhere and fulfilling other Contracts. From what I have heard? Maybe others can Confirm this?

  5. Alex, thanks again for a good video, and I still love that intro! I went ahead an bought the U12+ in January. Honestly, I didn't want to because I was loving the U11 SO much! But, my wife wanted the U11, and because I was enrolled in a photography class, it made no sense to ignore the four cameras and the 3d face mapping of the U12. But once I got it in my hand, I discovered the U12+ was a beast. The screen is not quite as vibrant as the U11, but I think the U11 will go down in record books as THE best LCD in history. However, my eyes don't tired with the U12 like with other phones for some reason. The camera is amazing like you said, and in pro mode you can do some stunning things that I just CAN'T do on my iPhone. Movies are a joy in theater mode (no hole or notch!), and gaming is great. Any game, maximum quality, no problem. My gamergirl friend (as opposed to gamer girlfriend 😉 come over to have game sessions, and there's been a few times her iPhone has locked up due to overheating, while the U12 cruises along, barely even warm.

  6. This is an excellent phone with a stellar camera. Used it from September last year until i got the Vivo NEX S now, and in all those months, there was not one single hick up, no restart, no lag or any other bug. It worked like a Swiss knife, and what this thing also is – It is insanely fast. The NEX S with the same chipset and even 2 more GB of ram (8gb, instead of 6gb on the U12) feels like a freakin SD821 phone from 2016 in comparison. The camera on that thing is also by far the best on the market right now. It has excellent level of detail and absolutely accurate colour reproduction without the oversharpening (huawei), smearing (samsung and huawei), pitch black shadows (pixels) or childbook colours (all of them). In the night, you put a modded gcam on it and you`ll get even better results than on the Pixel itself, since you can adjust iso and exposure times. Will keep the Nex for its awesome sound and the uberscreen, but i`ll probably go back sooner or later. Too bad HTC is in trouble, their flagships are excellent devices.

  7. I'm sad HTC never put there flagship phone with our phone carriers I seriously Miss HTC haven't had one for two years now it sucks I really wanted the HTC u 12 + badly

  8. Rewatching this video months later, after actually buying one. I'll admit I was hesitant, but that hesitation mostly came from the fact that I already had the HTC U11, and I LOVED that phone! Not that I have it, the U12 Plus has turned out to be a beast that handles everything you can throw at it. Especially gaming and movies. I have a girl that likes to have gaming competitions with me, and her iPhone will overheat and lockup, while the U12 will sail along effortlessly.

    And then there's the design. The precision, the heft, the materials, the way the glass flows into the metal, that almost impossible glass curve around the edge that looks like it was melted over a metal rim you can see inside. At the risk of sounding weird, this is a phone you will want to fondle. To put it in perspective, my gaming friend will often ask to use it even when her phone is working fine, because the HTC U12 Plus makes her iPhone feel… cheap.

    What about the glass back? It's not fragile. One thing I learned with the U11 is that glass can be tough and resilient. A dozen drops onto hardwood and metal have done nothing to the U11, so I'm not afraid to go without a case, and what better way to feel that jewel-like construction? 😉

    Now let's talk about those buttons! Mine actually worked fine out of the box, and all the update did was eliminate the occasional ghost touch. The jury is still out on whether these are better than mechanical buttons, but interestingly, do you know what THE number one failure point is on smartphones? Mechanical buttons. So despite teething pains, HTC took a bold steep, and eliminated failure points and leaking button gaskets. I actually used the U11 power button and pressed it against the U12 power button, and both phones turned on with the same pressure. Another thing I found out is that, while you can't feel mechanical buttons "click" through a case, you CAN feel the response from the U12 buttons, and I like that. So you get better feel, they will never get mushy, never leak, and have no moving parts to wear out.

    Anyway, I gotta go because dinner is ready.

  9. These reviews crack me up. Some are going crazy about the buttons. Some are going crazy about the LCD screen and others about the audio jack and I'm just sitting here like DOES THE PHONE LAST MORE THAN THREE YEARS with no communication issues (i.e. text and phone calls) and how is the Customer Support in need of having to contact. Everything else is just childs play to me LOL I'm defiantly purchasing this phone. My HTC Desire still works like a charm and amazed by the batter life after having this phone for 5 years. The internal memory is the reason for the upgrade now.

  10. Jerry rig said that the adhesive holding the back glass was the weakest he had ever seen. I REALLY need to know if that might go for the U11 Plus as well, because that might be my next phone, thanks if anyone knows!

  11. Why on God's Green Earth would they change the dialer? If you want different fonts that's easily changed.
    Also, Huawei, Oppo and OnePlus are fucking junk. All of those Chinese made for China market phones are.

  12. Love the intro. I have owned HTC Desires, M7, M10, M10 evo, usually I switch phone every 2 years, my M10 battery died around 20 months use(it's cost 200 AUD to replace a battery), so I changed it to 10 evo, but slow AF, thinking about to purchase 12+, should I get my hand on it or wait for Huawei M20 Pro!?

    Alex, thanks for filming the video at my home country. Specially in Ximending. Reckon it when it pop up on the screen at 1st second. ❤️

  13. Finally, I had returned it because of the "buttons" and software kept closing, freezing, plus the edge sense not working for flashlight saying camera is in use not matter how many times I closed apps and yes even a full format. Did you get any issues like mine? Hopefully mine was just buggy. I would get it again if you can give some input. Thanks in advance.

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