Huawei P20 + P20 Pro Review

You can’t buy the Huawei P20 Pro in the US, but it’s one of the best Android phones around, with gorgeous gradient glass construction and the best low-light camera on an phone.

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43 thoughts on “Huawei P20 + P20 Pro Review

  1. Youtube and Netflix videos won't play on the background of my P20 when I exiy. How do I activate it? Please someone help me. See 13:32 in this video? That's what I'm referring to.

  2. The P20 is a really great phone but I feel that they should work more on the dim when it comes to the brightness, and not just it, I feel a lot of phones should work more on it in the future

  3. Nice Video I like it but I have question about ok google functionality how it work on huawei p20 pro or does β€œOk Google” work on lock screen or while screen is off

  4. Definitely underwhelming compared with it's hype. Maybe the next mate will be equal or better then Samsung, Google and apple. Getting close but not quite there.

  5. thank you for honesty .the cameras ore outstanding, but i'm very happy with my s9 plus, i am not a huge photo person but the ones i have taken are great and so easy to use. main reason i won't get the p20 pro is the notch sure you can black it out which i could deal with except the stupid fingerprint placement what a waste of space the notches on the s9;s are smaller than even a thickness of a notch they just go all the way a long. second looks to much like ios why can't people just do there own. the icons look a little smaller finally. but not a huge fan of there ui, and honestly when you get a ohone you like sure customise it i do but putting all these launchers and stuff on defeats the purpose. but i understand why and one day i might try it but i like the s9's the way they are and the pro to much camera stuff unless you know what your doing as for battery my s9 plus has been off charge for 27 and a half hours with aprox 14 hours left which i won't get if i watch youtube but still so far 4 hours 50 min sot 4 hours youtube and and still has 37 percent battery so no complaints here

  6. The truth is that if this had a samsung stamp and the s9+ had a Huawei stamp everyone would be bitching about the Samsung and praising the Huawei anyway.
    Samsung should take a 1 year break from making flagships so that people that like to complain would see what it has done for us the consumer.
    Say what you will, say that it's expensive, say that it isn't a revolution over the S8, etc etc. Phone screens would not be what they are without samsung, design wouldn't be what it is, SOCs would not be what they are, phones would not be the size that they are, half the software on vanilla oreo android would not exist, among so many other things.
    Give me back the 980 euros my S9+ cost where I live and as a consumer I would just go back to the store and buy it again.
    No one in the android smartphone industry is fighting hand to hand with samsung. Samsung is on a horse, everyone else is on foot trying to catch up.
    The S9+ is and will be 2018's no compromises phone, the only no compromises phone. Hell, it is so above everyone else that people have to complain about more than 6 hours of screen on time on a charge.

    To sum it up, I think that the p20pro is a solid phone, and as a consumer I wish that it was miles better than the S9+, since competition is what invites innovation, but is not. People claiming that it is better or atleast a match for it are doing a disservice for everyone spending their hard earned money and sending a message to Huawei that making a barely 2017 phone in Q2 2018 is okay because people like it anyway. Priced where the p90 is? Amazing. Priced 70 euros from the S9+ that beats it by a long shot in every single category except battery and camera (if you believe DX0 the camera is better, if you watch comparisons and reviews you know that it is not), it's a solid no go.

  7. I thought "AI" was supposed to make it easier to take pictures. So why the muddled mess of a camera software package?? Smart software should be able to determine when HDR is to be used…or automatically detect a nighttime shot. Huawei has no idea what the term "artificial intelligence" means. I hate this generation of smartphone marketing…"AI" this, "AI" that…BS.

  8. Overrated. Skip both, mate 10 pro with LCD (P20) and heavily overrated P20 pro. Mate 20 will crash both. SD in 2019 too, fp sensor under display, 5g, new designs are coming. For asked price, these phones are way too expensive and will soon be completely forgotten.

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