LG Watch W7 hands-on impressions: Wear OS + real watch hands!

LG’s new timepiece combines physical watch hands with Google’s Wear OS… but it’s not cheap. More @ https://www.androidcentral.com/lg-watch-w7?utm_source=ac_yt&utm_medium=yt_video&utm_content=20181004&utm_campaign=social

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29 thoughts on “LG Watch W7 hands-on impressions: Wear OS + real watch hands!

  1. When LG came out with the first fully round screen when the Moto 360 had a flat tire, I was envious but had just bought the 360 so I stuck with it. When LG next produced the gorgeous LG Urbane, I had to have it and bought the first one I could find. It still has the best colors of any Watch I own. But after the Urbane, LG started making mishaps, and then outright bad designs from the hockey puck on your wrist Sport or the underpowered, zero feature Style and now this… The biggest innovation they could come up with is real watch hands on a smartwatch with a screen (meaning mechanical hands that obscure the actual screen aren't needed or wanted!)…It's like making a hi res TV Screen with a pop up white screen in the middle for a movie projector to show movies on!
    Wow, thats really…dumb as effing all get out! LG should have done what most people wanted when they started losing their grip – an Urbane with Speaker support, and even now the Urbane design with Speaker, NFC and rotating crown (plus everything that made it so good before and no stupid substitutes or omissions like so many companies do – WHY???) would be so far beyond this piece of crap and closer to what people would buy that the fact LG is so far away from that design shows they have zero clue of what to produce.

  2. I don't get it. I'm extremely lost here. How so many people are complaining about a watch that is unique with features. But nobody complains about a $40,000 Rolex that doesn't have anything… God forbid this watch doesn't have a heart rate monitor yet my Tag Heuer doesn't even have a stopwatch function.

    This watch hands down blows away any Tag Heuer or swiss or Gucci or even Rolex watch that just sit there and look pretty for a fraction of the price

  3. taking hybrid to the next level… abit too extreme. sure it's more of a collector's watch but it doesn't really fit in simply because of Wear OS. sadly the mechanical hand takes too much space that takes away more useful features. Bad move LG. Bad move.

  4. What a complete waste of time. Sub-standard design and bloody annoying you have to press a button because it obscures the information on the watch!!

  5. This is a terrible idea! I got ticwatch pro and the lcd second screen is not fancy but it's 100% better than the mechanical hand arrows overlaying over the notifications!

  6. Apparently everyone who watches Android Central is a fitness buff. I don't care about about a heartbeat monitor, I don't care that it doesn't have GPS. I always have my phone on me but I don't want to constantly be pulling it out of my pocket or distracting everyone around me. I want to keep my phone in my pocket on silent. If I have a notification, or a call come my watch should just vibrate and display the notification. I should also be able to look at my watch at any time. Screen activation through motion is still unreliable. Watches I've tried don't reliably activate when I want them to and are always coming on when I don't want them to.

    My Pebble Time Steel is still the best watch for me and my daily driver. Always on display, small form factor, 10 day battery life and a simple but effective UI. Apple watches are catching up in desirability, improving every generation but I am an Android user. Sadly every Wear OS watch is a joke.

  7. They weren't happy being ridiculously pricing and marketing in the smartphone world….they had to compete the same way in watches as well.

  8. I actually like this a lot! Think about it: it has the best of both worlds! When you need digital stuff you look at the screen, but when you want the time or a compass, you have these awesome physical hands that actually rotate! A watch without moving parts is nothing but a toy, but this thing is serious!

    That hole in the center of the display is barely noticeable at all. Somehow when Apple adds a notch to their phones it's ok and everyone says they don't mind it, but a tiny round hole that lets engineers put actual physical hands on top of the display is suddenly a deal-breaker? They even have a dedicated button that levels the watch hands and pulls the content from under the hole so you can read it! Does iPhone X have a button that pulls videos from under the notch? No!

    And the hands are so advanced. They can show you time, they can act as stop-watch, they can even point North, they can do everything regular watches can do and so much more. You can also press and release the button repeatedly, and the hands will move level and back time after time just like bird wings, have you ever seen any mechanical (or digital!) watch do that?

    Sorry, I can't do this anymore, this is the most stupid design I've seen in ages.

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