Retroid Pocket 3+ | My FAVORITE Android gaming handheld of 2023!

Not the most powerful, but powerful enough to run all of your favorite classic gaming moments in a Nintendo-like shell…

Get your own Retroid Pocket 3+:


0:00 – This is the Retroid Pocket 3+
0:11 – Tale of the tape
1:44 – Switch Lite Lite design
2:27 – Android 11 and the Retroid Launcher
3:29 – Getting ROMs and setup process
5:05 – Buttons and control quality
5:40 – Why not use your Android phone?
6:28 – Who is this for?
6:52 – The GameSir X2 is better for most people
7:19 – What is your favorite gaming handheld?

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26 thoughts on “Retroid Pocket 3+ | My FAVORITE Android gaming handheld of 2023!

  1. I ran the same benchmark on this and my phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. The numbered scores were: Retriod 3+: 800, Fold3: 5000, S8 Ultra: 8800, gaming laptop: 40,000, gaming desktop: 96,000…..

  2. I also wish the D pad had that four separate buttons look (PlayStation style) even if they're actually joined together underneath the controller exterior. The idea being to minimize friction and blisters while sliding around to change direction

  3. I love the 4 color face buttons, the dual sticks, and the layout with the sticks being horizontally aligned (PlayStation-style).

    I would love to see a prominent "cartridge" slot for individual games (not the OS which would be internal storage). CompactFlash makes the most sense since it's the biggest flash card and has the most "cartridge" feel with room for game art, logo etc.

    I would also love to see one with a totally Free Libre Open Source (FLOSS) focus rather than emulation of closed-source console and games (which let's face it are pirated). So the OS would be Linux or Replicant (free Android) and the games would be stuff like Xonotic, OpenArena, SuperTux Kart, Abuse, etc.

  4. Lame if you nerds only knew keep buying 💩 will always get 💩 If you guys only understood the only give you what they want to give you not what you want. Call me troll. Call me whatever you want but quit being dumb all you smart people.

  5. Glad i waited to get one til after a few firmware updates and a nice community list of games that work well. Still love my RP2 and 2+ but wanted a slightly larger wide screen and clicky sticks for the occasional remote play on steam. And right now at $125 US, add on the grip and the hall effect sticks, why not!

  6. As a previous owner of RP3+, i think you should get your hands on AYN Odin 2, especially if you call your channel android authority. It is the pinnacle of android gaming by a mile and it can play everthing under the sun in terms of both emulation and native android eco system can offer.
    To be honest i genuinely suprised that you haven't covered a review of it yet.

  7. I love my RP3 plus. I got to play retro games and stream console /pc games via Psplay and moonlight.

    With that said, you should've focused more on the upcoming Rp4 pro and AYN odin 2. The latter is the most powerful arm based android gaming handheld.

    But regardless, I find these devices hella more capable and efficient than the awful PSportal

  8. Since they released the 4/4+ retroid marked the 3+ down to $120 bucks. I hopped on that and mine should be delivered in a week or so. Can’t wait to dig into it. I haven’t messed with emulation for about 25 years, but this should be strong enough to run everything I want for the most part. Can’t wait !

  9. "There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed." —Ray Goforth

  10. Could you make a video talking about raw video on android?

    There's an app called MotionCam Pro that makes the videos look like a real camera

    There's some samples here on youtube ,the app takes out all of that phone look,it's insane how little people are talking about it

    Maybe in the future you could do a comparison between stock cam and the app, then raw and ProRes!!

  11. My God this comment section is dumb. This device is $150 and will drop to around $120 when the Retroid Pocket 4 devices are available.

    No, it doesn't need the latest Android OS to function. Maybe for Android games, but still, 95% of up to date games will still work on it and be available to install from the Play Store.

    No, it doesn't compare to the Steam Deck. It cannot run Windows/Linux games natively but it can stream them, is Pocketable, LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE OF THE CHEAPEST PC HANDHELD (refurb Steam Deck or AYN Loki Zero) and has better battery life than any Handheld PC.

    This device falls into Android/Cheap handhelds and is the best in the Sub $200 price point.

    Cant wait for the Retroid Pocket 4 Pro in Funtastic Green or Metal tho 😀

  12. Bizarre to present this when the 4/4pro were announced a few weeks ago with same form factor but significantly better Dimensity D900/D1100 CPUs 🙄

  13. HA! Glad you guys are covering these devices, finally!

    I'm more into these things than smartphones now, I got the RP3+ and I'm planning on getting the 4 Pro and I have the Odin base, smartphones these days are just too cumbersome for gaming, a dedicated device is the way to go, and with the Odin 2, it has a SD 8 Gen 2 and it costed $300 for the base! No smartphone can match that price with that processor, c'mon lol.

  14. This isnt for mainstream consumers. Tech IQ of average person is abysmal. Some people i know struggle in the settings menu of thier own phones. This is for Nerdy Chads only.

  15. Sounds like you definitely don't have the AYN Odin 2. If you did, you would probably come to a different conclusion

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