Democrats plan to unveil bill to expand Supreme Court l GMA

A quartet of Democratic lawmakers are planning to introduce legislation on Thursday to expand the size of the U.S. Supreme Court from nine to 13 justices.

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26 thoughts on “Democrats plan to unveil bill to expand Supreme Court l GMA

  1. I can tell the whole world that the federal and government organizations is still extorting money to relized the prize,,
    I won and I have the right to get it to help my family and my four children,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Where is your heart President Joe Biden and Vice president Kamala Harris for people in need? I won and I have the right to get it to help my family and my four children,,,,,,,,,

  3. We really don't have a money to buy my brother's medicine every day because I don't have to pay for the delivery fee and other charges to get what I won from the federal and government organizations? I won and I have the right to get it to help my family and my four children,,,,,,,

  4. It will turn the court in a joke and one of two things will happen. The Republicans will do the same when they are in charge or states will start to leave the union.

  5. Republicans put constitutional lawyers on the top justices not conservative judges…you left commies are trying to put commie activists in the court so you can own them….you used to complain about the military left and right until now you run the pentagon and military you hear nothing that's why you want to rid of the police cuz you know they voted trump…such stupid messages put the flag down for capital officer killed but congratulate cop killers elsewhere and try to abolish police fucking two faced….and everything is about racism when we were fine.and slavery repressions…. WHAT ABOUT ALL THE WHITE UNION SOLDIERS THAT SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES FOR THOSE AFRICAN AMERICANS CAN BE FREE. No repetitions for them… They died sticking up for what is right making all of us equal no race shaming…the democrats are doing every single thing they can to try to keep the african american vote they are losing and make new democratic voters by telling immigrants to come and paying them up to 15 grand and spending 80mill to put them in hotels meanwhile the kids they abandonned In the desert are packed like sardines shoulder to shoulder with 40 percent covid rate in the cages it is sickening all over to catch your vote that's it same thing with the slavery reperations even though you would be stuck at that level for every rather then start your own business or something massive amount of white people sacrificed their lives for african americans to be free and show that we are equal

  6. So… they want to restore the balance of the Supreme Court….. by giving themselves a majority…… by changing the rules? yep, sounds fair and balanced to me.

  7. Uphill battle? WTF do you need to pack the court for!? Absolute control of every other branch of government and every institution and media outlet in society isn't enough? God damn.

  8. We should not pack the Supreme Court. Instead, we should hold it accountable for dispensing justice, especially as regards the various election fraud cases brought to its jurisdiction for proper hearing and adjudication. The 6 justices of the US Supreme Court who decided not to entertain the various election fraud cases should be impeached for dereliction of duty, and for allowing unconstitutional changes in the States election laws days before the last election, that gave the Democrats an avenue for cheating and committing election fraud. The US Supreme Court is a total disgrace and needs to be REVAMPED. The American people should not accept the fraudulent results of the 2020 election until the US Supreme Court gets a back bone and hear and adjudicate on all election fraud cases brought to its jurisdiction. And Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should not be accepted as our duly elected president and vice-president of this country until these election fraud cases are resolved.

  9. And I for one am glad that Puerto Rico becomes a state. DC not so much. DC is a town of 30000 permanent residents, maybe. DC becoming a state is insanity. Yes, the literal rat problem living in the sewers is insane, but DC becoming a state insanity!

  10. Come on… bring on everything you can federally. It’s time that States and the Individuals rule again. There is no doubt the Bible Belt of those states is going to be COVID and violence free compared to those above the Mason Dixon line. Actor Will Smith cracks me up. Moving his movie from Georgia to NOLA because of the new Voting Rights Bill. Can you demonstrate a higher degree of stupidity, Will? Where do you think Georgia cut and pasted its bill? It’s called reciprocity and we’ll watch the South rise again! The Black Panther producer is brilliant. He knew when to hold em!

    Hmm where else can we have some wild Wild West? Any volunteers? We don’t stop until Samuel Montoya is free and the Capital Hill police officer’s name is disclosed. Remember shoot only at the hands. Trying to get the word out to the cops, but you know old habits die hard… I mean if you as an individual pull a gun on a police officer, you are asking to die. But if the cause is greater than your life, cameramen certainly appreciates your sacrifice to prove a point to the Democrat Socialists. You ain’t in charge. We the people living in this one nation under God. You want lawlessness; you got it. You stole an election. Never forget 9/11 and never ever forget november 3, 2020 or January 6, 2021.

    Trump 2020! It ain’t over. Not even close.

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