Officer who shot Daunte Wright resigns

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott delivers remarks following the resignation of the officer involved in the deadly shooting of Daunte Wright.


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35 thoughts on “Officer who shot Daunte Wright resigns

  1. B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's —L—o—V—e—S—e—X—..❤️⤵️


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  2. Mike Elliot Minnesota mayor says cops should not carry weapons…
    SO- Active shooter killed today by Police in San Antonio before he could kill mass people inside. STILL WANT POLICE TO NOT CARRY WEAPONS???

  3. What is this child going to do with a police department? Do people know how idiotic some of their actions are? Police officer, OK, I understand and encourage her resignation, but the police chief, why? I think this silly fool needs to tender HIS resignation FFS….. Dude looks completely ill-equipped for this job.. Get it together…

  4. seems like she ruined her life on accident. i dont condone her actions, but from video thats what i assume.
    i just want to say one thing though, why the hell do you allow guns in the USA you should ban them on a national level, most officers would then not need guns, and you could run proper tests on officers to join armed police divisions.

  5. Potter NOW 48 YEARS 😳LD❗ !NOT 34, the pic we've seen all week… 🤔BET she's on ALL KINDS OF "middle-aged-people meds" that F××k Up her brain. SUCH A TRAGEDY❗😔

  6. From what I understand police procedure is to use pepper spray, baton,taser, then deadly forced if necessary.
    There’s no way anyone could accidentally mistake a gun for a taser because the trigger and handles are different.
    Different weight and feel.
    No excuses!
    Another thing is if there were male officers at the time of the incident they should have handled the young man/ subject bc a 20 year old male is stronger than a female.
    I’m sure those cops had some discussion with the female officer about such thing and she just tried to prove herself and screwed up! The public is blind to all the unsaid and things that happen behind the scenes that involves the cops, courts and lawyers.
    Ever see lawyers going to lunch with district attorneys??
    They’re all tied to the bottom line which is💰.
    Arrest and convictions = promotions and job security.
    Just because someone wears a badge or holds a public office doesn’t mean they’re honest.
    Just look at our politicians.
    Anyway those who believe in the American patriotic way are fools.
    Laws only apply to the average citizen.
    I recall going to court and being in front of a judge…. I whispered to my lawyer “ He’s drunk “
    Several years later that judge was arrested for DWI but the district attorney Susan Reid dismissed the case against him.
    Talk about grass roots!
    It’s really deep but unless you have been on both sides of the game and have known the good, bad, and the ugly you won’t get it.
    Not saying every cop judge or lawyer is dirty but if you’re at work and everyone else is taking an extra 15 minutes during lunch you will eventually say” everyone else is doing it what the heck I going also going to do it”
    When no one else frowns about something everyone is smiling!

  7. The Mayor fired the City Manager because the City Manager pointed out, per our Constitution, that the Officer involved is entitled to due process. The Mayor should be removed from office for not defending the Constitution. The City Manager was merely pointing out how our country operates and he was fired for it. Pathetic.

  8. What a complete failure. He told the press he was meeting with “peaceful protestors” while they looted. They were sooooo racially offended that they all needed free booze and had to loot the GameStop. Yeah. Ok. Thanks Biden. 👍🏽👍🏽👍👍🏼

  9. What a joke of a mayor? My real question is: Did the officer yell STOP? If so, why did the suspect (For what every reason) did not STOP! Blacks need to be educated on what to do when this is said to them by the police!

  10. In just this small amount of the clip this Joker said UH 83 times… SMH HE is who you voted for your mayor lmbo. He is 17 and can't even wear his dad's hat right uh. 🙄 omg

  11. You’re only made yourself look bad when you both resigned why did you resign for. What did you think resigning is going to do make people forget what you did. And I’m sorry they said that she was on the police force for years and you don’t know the difference between a Glock and a taser your life was in danger the man was complying with you she wanted to shoot him

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